Domestic products

This company has the ability to produce automotive and industrial sensors and has produced more than 100 types of sensors. Also, actuators are also in the field of work of this company and it has produced in the field of electric motors, such as alternators and car starters.

Foreign products

Agriculture industry

road construction industry

automotive industry

Using its scientific ability and providing high quality, this company has been able to start its activities with countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia and Belarus.

Services and projects

Design and implementation of electronic, mechanical and mechatronic projects
Molding and design of metal, plastic and electronic parts
Research and development power for specific and innovative projects

Synapse Company is able to design and implement electronic, mechanical and mechatronic projects requested by customers. Having molding units, design and specialized people in research and development (R&D), this company is able to manufacture metal, plastic and electronic parts for special projects.

About Us

Niko Sanat Company is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the electronics industry, relying on the knowledge and efforts of its experienced and knowledgeable engineers, with a wide horizon, tries to decide and realize the production of all kinds of car sensors with high quality and standard. We are proud that the products produced in this factory can give you a new and safe driving experience. And give your car the three principles of authenticity, safety and speed.

Synapse CV

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Number of Employees

Our fields of work

Design and implementation of injection plastic molds and metal molds, die-casting, bending, cutting, progressive molding, manufacturing and designing of electronic and ultrasonic parts, production line consulting and automation mechanization.


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Number of products


message from head manger

Praise and thanks to God from whom everything gets energy;

As Synapse, we are proud to be able to internationalize our services with the (IATF) standard. Here, I would like to thank all the employees, engineers, managers and dear customers of Synapse who have always been by our side diligently and honestly.

Ways of communication

Phone Call: 31950000-041

Whatsapp: 09143335484


Instagram: synapseparts@

Address: Tabriz, km 20 of Tabriz Road, Sofian, foreign investment settlement, No. 20, Asia Blvd.

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